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Releu, 8 intrari, 6 iesiri, AL2-14MR-D

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AL2-14MR-D , AL214MRD,
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electr
AL2-14MR-D - Alpha Xl Base Unit ALPHA, 8 D/AI, 6 RO, Mitsubishi Electr GSM MODEM
Number of Analogue Inputs - 8
Number of Digital Inputs - 8
Digital Output Type Relay
Number of Relay Outputs - 6
Number of High Speed Counters - 2
Input/Output Max. 18 I/O Points
Operating Voltage Max. 24 VDC
Load Current 8 A
Scan Time 10 ms
Programming Language Used Function Block Diagram (FBD)
Communication Interface Type AS-i
Display Type LCD
Real-Time Clock Yes
Termination Type Screw Terminal
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount
Expandability Yes
Battery Backup No
Protection Rating IP20
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